Sea Level Change in the most recent IPCC

Today at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, I am presenting on chapter 13 in the IPCC’s 5th version of its Assessment Report, called AR5. The IPCC has released similar reports since the late 80’s summarizing the most up-to-date science on climate change. The section that I am presenting on today comes from the Physical Science Working Group (Working GroupContinue reading “Sea Level Change in the most recent IPCC”

Scenario Planning and Sea Level Rise

Today I sat in on a webinar offered by the National Parks Service on scenario planning for climate change, adaptation, and sea level rise. Coincidentally, the class that I TA for Professor Larry Susskind at MIT just had a lecture/discussion on scenario planning. I want to write a quick and easy piece reflecting on theseContinue reading “Scenario Planning and Sea Level Rise”