Coral reef communities: the Malaysian experience

I just recently wrapped up several weeks of fieldwork in Malaysia’s Tioman Island. Tioman is a major dive tourism destination located in a government designated Marine Park some 20 years old. With dozens of reefs to dive, I had two major components to my field work: take representative ecological surveys of some of the mostContinue reading “Coral reef communities: the Malaysian experience”

Finalist in the State Department #OurOceans2014 Conference Fish Hackathon

Here is the link to our site: link Here is the link to a video about our tool: link Here is the actual State Department #OurOceans2014 presentation, we go on at (~3:53) link    

Mangrove tourism advertisement Iskandar Regional Development Agency (IRDA)

My esteemed friend at IRDA, Tok Muharam, used our picture from a recent trip to Kong Kong Laut fishing village, a village working on creating an economy for sustainable eco tourism in their mangroves, and floating fishing farms. We are on the right. Very interesting work going on at IRDA in mangrove management and fisheriesContinue reading “Mangrove tourism advertisement Iskandar Regional Development Agency (IRDA)”