New paper: Ecosystem services and community based coral reef management institutions in post blast-fishing Indonesia

Link here to the journal. Here is my copy of the PDF: Dunning, Kelly Heber (2014) “Ecosystem Services and Community Based Coral Reef Management regimes in Post Blast-fishing Indonesia.” Thanks to my supervisors, Dr. Larry Susskind, and Dr. Porter Hoagland for help revising. Advertisements

Finalist in the State Department #OurOceans2014 Conference Fish Hackathon

Here is the link to our site: link Here is the link to a video about our tool: link Here is the actual State Department #OurOceans2014 presentation, we go on at (~3:53) link    

Team Poster at Stanford’s annual NatCap Conference

This poster features values for carbon sequestration ecosystem services in the Hudson and the Delaware estuary systems. They are calculated under different intensities of dredging. The research is an ongoing part the NSF-Funded Coastal SEES work on dredging in the Hudson and Delaware, and its impacts on ecosystem services.  

Contingent choice valuation of Florida’s coastal ecosystems

What would the impact be of contingent choice valuation studies on environmental decision-making in Florida? Florida is no stranger to controversial environmental disasters making the news. Take this summer’s Indian River Lagoon fiasco for example. Maybe it is time for Florida’s elected leaders to commission a quantitative, economic analysis of the value that the public […]

Using ArcGIS to model valuation of ecosystem services: aesthetics and cultural valuation techniques

Here I am using ArcGIS to economically value changes in coastal aesthetics to quantify changes in ecosystem service delivery. The context is near and off-shore development projects (wave energy facilities and fin fish aquaculture) off Vancouver Island.  This analysis was part of the Stanford Woods Inst. Natural Capital Project’s training session March 25-28 2014, for which I received […]

Oyster fisheries collapse in Florida’s Apalachicola Bay: When Ideology, not science, guides policy

The politics behind the collapse of the oyster fishery in Apalachicola Bay are impossible to ignore.  Especially given Tea Party Governor Rick Scott’s appeal to the federal government (Small Business Association or SBA) for emergency funds to bail out the communities with economies devastated by the collapse. Rick Scott has repeated the following mantra again […]