Vast Setbacks for Everglades Restoration

Something big just happened in Florida, and because of the seemingly complicated and bureaucratic nature of the Everglades restoration, many South Floridians may not know exactly what is at stake. This past week, the Army Corps of Engineers refused to get behind the Central Everglades Planning Project’s request for federal funds from Congress. The ComprehensiveContinue reading “Vast Setbacks for Everglades Restoration”

Biodiversity in a restored salt marsh: managed versus unmanaged habitats

Introduction An ecological restoration is an iterative process where a degraded ecosystem is brought back to its previous, healthier state (Walters 1997; Stankey 2005). It is a multi step, non-linear process that I simplified into the following diagram: The purpose behind a restoration is to restore ecological services that a previously productive ecosystem delivered toContinue reading “Biodiversity in a restored salt marsh: managed versus unmanaged habitats”