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Peer-reviewed book
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber (2018 ) Communities of Coral: An Institutional and Ecological Analysis of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Southeast Asia. London: Anthem Press. (book contracted in 2016, currently in peer review) Link here
Select peer-reviewed journal publications
  • Dunning, K. H. (2021). How are managers responding to local and global ecological stressors? The case of Indonesian co-managed coral reefs in the Anthropocene. Marine Policy131, 104560. Link here
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber (2021)  “Adaptive Governance: The proposed port expansion in the Cayman Islands and its impacts to coral reefs.” Marine Policy. Link here.
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber (2020)  “Building resilience to natural hazards through coastal governance: a case study of Hurricane Harvey recovery in Gulf of Mexico communities.” Ecological Economics. Link here.
  • Tunnell, J. W., Dunning, K. H., Scheef, L. P., & Swanson, K. M. (2020). Measuring plastic pellet (nurdle) abundance on shorelines throughout the Gulf of Mexico using citizen scientists: Establishing a platform for policy-relevant research. Marine pollution bulletin151, 110794. Link here.
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber (2014) “Ecosystem Services and Community Based Coral Reef Management Institutions in Post Blast Fishing Indonesia.” Ecosystem Services.
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber “Adaptive management and implementation in the American Natural Resources Bureaucracy”. Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Heber, Kelly (2013) “Community-based Coral Reef Management” Oxford Journal of Human Welfare.
Recent Reports
  • Dunning, K. (2021). “Valuing Reef Ecosystem Services Centering Community Voices.” Mitigation Matters Research Brief Series. here.
  • Dunning, K. (2021). “Valuing Reef Ecosystem Services: Centering Community Voices to Mitigate Hazards.” Natural Hazards Center Mitigation Matters Grant Report Series, 2. Boulder, CO: Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado Boulder. Available here or online.

Under review / Working papers 

  • Dunning, K.H (Under review, submitted to Marine Policy 11/26/2020) How are managers responding to local and global ecological stressors? The Case of Indonesian co-managed coral reefs in the Anthropocene. Marine Policy. URL here.
  • Dunning, K.H. (Under review, Submitted Journal of Environmental Management 10/9/20). Biodiversity Conservation Policy in Megadiverse Countries: Comparing Policy Systems for 2020 Targets to Inform Management in the Coming Decades. Journal of Environmental Management. URL here.
  • Dunning, K.H. (Revisions submitted to Policy and Politics 3/5/21). Unlikely environmental policy-making during the Trump administration: A multiple streams analysis of “America’s most successful conservation program.” Policy and Politics. URL here.
  • Dunning, K.H. (Revisions submitted to Ecosystem Services 1/31/21) Adaptive Governance of Recreational Ecosystem Services Following a Major Hurricane. Ecosystem Services. URL here.

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