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Select peer-reviewed publications
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber (2018 ) Communities of Coral: An Institutional and Ecological Analysis of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Southeast Asia. London: Anthem Press. (book contracted in 2016, currently in peer review) Link here
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber (2014) “Ecosystem Services and Community Based Coral Reef Management Institutions in Post Blast Fishing Indonesia.” Ecosystem Services.
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber “Adaptive management and implementation in the American Natural Resources Bureaucracy”. Environmental Policy and Planning
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber “Participation and Conflict Resolution in Co-Managed Coral Reef Ecosystems: a comparative analysis of two Balinese cases”. (in review)
  • Dunning, Kelly Heber “Economic Valuation of Coral Reefs: the potential for Deliberative Methods in the Port of Miami Conflict”.  (second round revisions)
  • Heber, Kelly (2013) “Community-based Coral Reef Management” Oxford Journal of Human Welfare.
  • Heber, Kelly and Dunning, Iain. (2014) “Modeling the Link Between Stakeholder Communities and Coastal Ecosystem Health” US EPA National Aquatic Resource Survey Research Challenge.
  • Heber, Kelly (2013) “Incentivizing Environmentally Resilient Behavior at the Individual Level Through a Fijian Incremental Housing Policy” SIGUS MIT.
Invited lectures
  • “Coral Reef Communities in the Indonesian Post Blast Fishing Era.” Oregon State University, 2015.
  • “Ecosystem Service Valuation.” Mangrove Lab, National University of Singapore, 2015.
  • “GIS for Resource Management in Uganda.” University of Oxford Center for the Environment, 2012.
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