Mangrove tourism advertisement Iskandar Regional Development Agency (IRDA)

My esteemed friend at IRDA, Tok Muharam, used our picture from a recent trip to Kong Kong Laut fishing village, a village working on creating an economy for sustainable eco tourism in their mangroves, and floating fishing farms. We are on the right. Very interesting work going on at IRDA in mangrove management and fisheriesContinue reading “Mangrove tourism advertisement Iskandar Regional Development Agency (IRDA)”

Publication in community-based coral reef management

An article I wrote while at Oxford was published recently in the Journal of Human Welfare. It uses three cases as comparisons to test the theory of political ecology. Here is a link to the journal and a PDF of my article: The World Bank and other donors have realized the benefits of allowingContinue reading “Publication in community-based coral reef management”