Coral Reef Conservation Masters Assistantships (passport holders of any nation welcome to apply) Conservation Governance Lab at Auburn University, United States   Location: Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences, 602 Duncan Drive Auburn AL 36839  Timeline: Fall 2020-spring 2022, start September 2020  Salary: Stipend and tuition fully covered by assistantship  Last date to apply: […]

New publication: Missing the trees for the forest? Bottom-up policy implementation and adaptive management in the US natural resource bureaucracy

Abstract: For decades, natural resource agencies in the United States have attempted to restore ecosystems using adaptive management, a process that emphasizes experimental learning to reduce uncertainty. Most studies show that it rarely occurs in practice and explain implementation failures as organizational issues. This study draws on policy implementation theory to suggest that behaviors and attitudes […]

Media coverage on my fieldwork: impacts of land reclamation on mangroves and coastal Balinese ecosystems

Link to article: “Kelly Heber Dunning, a doctoral candidate in natural resource management at MIT, has worked with fishing communities in the area and shares some of the same concerns. She told VICE News that intertidal habitats such as Benoa have huge value, as they “buffer human settlements from erosion, provide habitats for juvenile fish that […]

Media coverage on my research: MIT Environmental Policy and Planning reviews my work on “Implementing the International Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in South East Asia” “International treaties can exert pressure on national governments to pay attention to certain policy goals, how they choose to implement these goals is up to them. Kelly Heber Dunning (PhD ’16) examines the challenges facing countries that have signed on to the International Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). Using a comparative case study of […]

Media coverage: Can Southeast Asia stop dumping plastic waste in our oceans?

An article featuring my views on marine waste in Southeast Asia: “From what I have gathered through my own research, [the region’s plastic waste problem] started in the 1960s and 1970s when plastics began to replace banana leaves as the primary food containers,” said Kelly Heber Dunning, a PhD Student focused on natural resource management […]