Our Paper on Benthic Ecosystem Health and Local Marine Economies in Florida and the Gulf

Iain and I wrote a brief paper on benthic ecosystem health and the marine economy in Florida and the Gulf, and we won the $2000 EPA NARS Data prize. We used econometric methods for our analysis. The full paper will be entered in January for the main prize. Link HERE From the Press release: WASHINGTON – Today […]

Goliath Grouper, and stakeholder perceptions: my response to the Outdoor Hub Piece on reopening the Florida Goliath stock

There are many problems with the recent article entitled “Florida Anglers Call for Goliath Grouper Harvest” on Outdoorhub.com. I want to address some of them as a graduate student of ecosystems science, politics, and policy primarily of the marine and coastal environment. Stakeholders and agreement around the reopening of the stock: The article starts out by […]

Conserve.io collaboration: Using GIS and mobile technology to plot whales by species and behavior

Recently I was invited by Jake Levenson and the folks over at Conserve.io to help analyze spatial and quantitative data for a project by entitled “Conservation in the Cloud: Leveraging mobile technology connecting tourism & resource managers.” The plots that I contributed use data from their application to reflect real time whale sightings in two embayments in Iceland, […]