MIT write-ups on our Department of State Fish Data contest entry CaptuRED

Last week, Iain Dunning and I created a tool for SE Asian communities to better manage their mangroves, fisheries, and costal ecosystems. Iain did the coding, and I the data compilation and conceptual framework. Here is my department at MIT’s write up on the project: Science Impact Collaborative news: Link MIT EPP DUSP Home: LinkContinue reading “MIT write-ups on our Department of State Fish Data contest entry CaptuRED”

Finalist in the State Department #OurOceans2014 Conference Fish Hackathon

Here is the link to our site: link Here is the link to a video about our tool: link Here is the actual State Department #OurOceans2014 presentation, we go on at (~3:53) link    

Team Poster at Stanford’s annual NatCap Conference

This poster features values for carbon sequestration ecosystem services in the Hudson and the Delaware estuary systems. They are calculated under different intensities of dredging. The research is an ongoing part the NSF-Funded Coastal SEES work on dredging in the Hudson and Delaware, and its impacts on ecosystem services.