Manatees in crisis: conservation governance and the 2013 die off

2013 Florida Manatee Crisis Given the 2013 die off that produced a record-shattering number of manatee fatalities, the plan for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Florida Manatee Recovery Plan needs revision.  2013 saw a record breaking 15% loss of its manatee population. At this point in time, 769 manatees have been found dead in Florida’s […]

Mangrove tourism advertisement Iskandar Regional Development Agency (IRDA)

My esteemed friend at IRDA, Tok Muharam, used our picture from a recent trip to Kong Kong Laut fishing village, a village working on creating an economy for sustainable eco tourism in their mangroves, and floating fishing farms. We are on the right. Very interesting work going on at IRDA in mangrove management and fisheries […]