Oyster fisheries collapse in Florida’s Apalachicola Bay: When Ideology, not science, guides policy

The politics behind the collapse of the oyster fishery in Apalachicola Bay are impossible to ignore.  Especially given Tea Party Governor Rick Scott’s appeal to the federal government (Small Business Association or SBA) for emergency funds to bail out the communities with economies devastated by the collapse. Rick Scott has repeated the following mantra again […]

Sea Turtle Nesting Habits & Socioeconomic Indicators in R (part II)

Last time I looked at correlations between actual nest building and socioeconomic variables like population in South Florida’s coastal counties, and per capita income. This time I am looking for relationships between emergence of the same three sea turtle species (loggerhead, green, and leatherbacks noted in their latin names in the code). Emergence means coming […]

Scenario Planning and Sea Level Rise

Today I sat in on a webinar offered by the National Parks Service on scenario planning for climate change, adaptation, and sea level rise. Coincidentally, the class that I TA for Professor Larry Susskind at MIT just had a lecture/discussion on scenario planning. I want to write a quick and easy piece reflecting on these […]

Sea Turtle Nesting Habits in R

I pulled together a small and simple data set to have a look at turtle nesting on South Florida’s beaches, and to see if it had any relationships to some easy-to-find socioeconomic data. I looked at nesting habits for greens, loggerheads, and leatherbacks to see if you could create linear regressions with population by county, […]

Biodiversity in a restored salt marsh: managed versus unmanaged habitats

Introduction An ecological restoration is an iterative process where a degraded ecosystem is brought back to its previous, healthier state (Walters 1997; Stankey 2005). It is a multi step, non-linear process that I simplified into the following diagram: The purpose behind a restoration is to restore ecological services that a previously productive ecosystem delivered to […]